Ocean Beach Resident Says Smart Meters Not So Smart

Smart Meters, Smart for whom?

By Jim Bell

To date, I’m strongly apposed to installing Smart Meters at my home.

Here’s why:

+ Smart Meters pose known and unknown health risks.

When I first heard about Smart Meters, I had zero concern about SDG&E installing one of them on my house.

The only thing I thought about it was that the SDG&E PR Team had pulled off a pretty slick trick in getting people to go for a system that charged them more money per kWh if they used their appliances when it was convenient for them to use them, based on the promises that they might save money if they used their appliances when it was convenient for SDG&E.

But later I began hearing about people having health problems after Smart Meters were installed so I spent some time on the web researching “Smart Meter Health Problems.”

What I found is that there are more and more people coming forward with health problems which begin occurring after their conventional meters were replaced by “Smart Meters.” One particular video of interest is “The Dark Side of Smart Meters” which you can see by typing it into your search engine. The video features Rob States who has several engineering degrees, two from MIT US and MIT France and years of professional consulting experience. This lecture was given at a Smart Meter Conference in the San Francisco organized by the Tesla Institute.

His presentation shows that the closer we are to Smart Meters, the more we will be inundated by the numerous forces, frequencies and magnetic fields that they emit. That some of these forces, frequencies and fields are already known to cause health problems and Smart Meters give off numerous other forces, frequencies and fields that scientists are still coming to understand. Additionally, the health and environmental problems caused by being in close proximity to Smart Meters has been barely researched.

Bottom line, we are dealing with human caused forces, frequencies and fields that never existed in our lives until a few years ago; forces, frequencies and fields we don’t completely understand much less understand the health risks of being inundated by them. With so much unknown about the health and environmental impact of Smart Meters, it’s much too soon to subject the public to such health effect uncertainties.

We need more non-vested interest testing to ensure that being in close proximity with the various forces, frequencies and fields that Smart Meters emanate will not cause health problems to even the most vulnerable of us like fetuses, the young and those more sensitive to such emanations.

Some of the things I’m doing to protect my health include:

+ Putting a sign on my gate that say,



Jim Bell

+ I’m sending this article out to friends and the press, (please feel to send this out to the media and to friends) to alert the public of these Smart Meter dangers. 

I was just getting into my Smart Meter Health Problems research when I happened to catch two Smart Meter installers on my property a couple of days apart. I told them that I didn’t want a Smart Meter installed on my property and that even my preliminary research on Smart Meters had convinced me of this. After these two incidents, a nice a woman from SDG&E called to convince me to let the Smart Meter be installed. 

But after 20 minutes of conversation I was even surer that I was correct to refuse Smart Meter installations on my property. I also believe that my right to do this is spelled out in the US Declaration of Independence in the following quote: 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Having a Smart Meter installed on my house or on my property against my will is not only an assault on my life and the lives of my roommates, it restricts our freedom to feel safe in our house and on our property. Additionally, having a Smart Meter installation on my property certainly will not make me or my roommates happy.

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